About Us

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Our organisation aims to strengthen the youth of Vihiga County in Western Province in Kenya (economically) (change in their heart is the first priority in order to make a lasting impact)

Our organisation  works together with the youth on sustainable income generating projects which are based on their own ideas.  The activities are aimed at influencing the mindset of the youth in such a way that they discover their strengths and potential  In this way they discover that they can be independent of external aid and stand on their own feet.

We want to encourage youth to use their talents to their fullest potential.  In addition to that we want to work on social justice in the community (society) in which the youth grow up, through this they  will be able to promote justice, love and unity in their societies .

Our Mission

To support the youth to become economically independent.  To motivate them to use their God given talents optimally.  In this way they can influence the world around them in a positive manner.  We put emphasis on leadership skills.  We believe that every individual has the capacity to be productive given the right circumstances.

Our Goals

Poverty reduction

To facilitate the (formation of )youth groups which will come up with ideas for projects which they can execute themselves.  In the end they will be able to improve their own economic situation (position) based on their own ideas.

Leadership and community development

We want to create a platform where the youth can positively influence each other.  So that they can share their own challenges and problems, they can also share(exchange) their problems but more importantly to share knowledge and experiences in order to overcome their difficulties and to transform challenges into opportunities.

What We're Doing

Leadership training

To organise meetings where youth can think and discuss their issues , exchange ideas mindset values vision for the future.  We want youth to see how important a positive attitude is and the power of positive thinking.

Training for entrepreneurs

Stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives among youth.  Youth need to learn to believe in the possibilities they have in this area.  Success is not merely a dream.

Idea competition

We offer the youth the possibility to come up with their own ideas.  Because youth know what they want but it often remains unspoken.  We want to encourage the youth to put ideas on paper and see their creativity (come to life).  The best  creative ideas will be (rewarded) used.

(implement)  Invest in people who will also help others.  Example of the seed.  I have one seed.  If I give the seed to someone who is hungry and eats it.  Do I give the seed to someone who will plant it and let it grow to multiply for everyone to benefit.